Welcome to the Lock Golf Academy
USGTF Level III Certified Professionals Dan and Bill Lock (father and son team) will show you just how much fun the game of golf can be. The Locks come from a long line of teaching professionals and have over 60 years of combined golf experience including both individual and competitive golf.

The Lock Golf Academy provides private and group lessons for beginner and intermediate golfers. Strong emphasis is placed on the importance of basic fundamental. The Proper Grip, Aim (target line), Posture, Ball Position, Body Alignment, and balance are the basis of any good golf swing.

Each student is an individual, and has differing abilities to learn and progress. We concentrate on understanding the student and assisting with the learning of their ideal golf swing. To accelerate this learning process, Dan and Bill establish a perfect set-up position and then work to perfect a swing that compliments the student's body type and time commitment for practicing the preferred swing. Using the latest Video Analysis systems and Training aids you will hear and feel what is being taught and see what you look like using slow motion Video Analysis.

Fundamental swing development and or major golf swing changes require extensive practice along with professional instruction. Practice however, does not make perfect; it makes permanent. Therefore what you practice is critical to your success. The fundamental drills, and practice methods along with repetition we instruct will help ensure that the student’s knowledge and understanding of the golf swing will improve making the game more enjoyable.

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